Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket betting tips are gaining popularity in India and other countries day by day. It promises easy money with no or little effort. To start the betting one needs an initial investment based on their capacity and a tipper to guide throughout the game. That tipper analyses the match conducts in-depth research and then prepare a sound betting strategy for its followers. They are the expert in this field called a tipper.  

Cricket Betting tips

Cricket betting tips

Cricket betting is a responsible business. It is desirable that you need to book profit in any case or whatever team wins. Several crucial terms that are used in cricket betting tips are – 

  1. Back/Lagai
  2. Lay/Khai 
  3. Book set
  4. Jackpot/Ghoda

In betting, when the bet is placed on the favorite team it is called back(ing) or Lagai.

In betting, when the bet is placed on the non-favorite team it is called lay(ing) or Khai.

Book set
The above two methods of betting are very simple and straightforward. But the real adventure is in doing a Book set. A person can book profit in all matches if he has mastered the art of book setting. In simple terms, a book set will always give you money. 

This is a special version of Lay(ing)/Khai when a bet is placed at a very low rate for any non-favorite team. Punters always look for jackpot entries but it is not possible in every match. Even the most experienced tipper fails to catch the jackpot in a match. 

Importance of tipper

To maximize profit in every match, every punter needs a tipper. Tipper has years of expertise, facts, data, team analysis, and dedication in cricket betting. He observes every rate minutely and then decides which team to support during the match. He personally monitors each bet for his members.

Where to place Bet 

India has been a big illegal market for betting. The love for cricket and the emergence of various cricket formats and leagues has penetrated more in the betting market. A number of illegal offline bookies and online betting sites are available these days. One can easily google these sites to join and place a bet. Check out Betfair and Bet365 for live rates. these sites have got excellent joining offers and cash out is also easy. 

Free Match Tips

Match Prediction 

We try to give prediction 36 hours before the match starts but it is not always possible because the gap between two consecutive matches played by a team is very less. Sometimes the playing 11 changes just before the match which affects our analysis. We have created a WhatsApp broadcast for interested members who want to keep a closer look for team information and betting rates. To gain maximum on our prediction, you need to follow us at least for an entire league.

Cricket Betting Tips FAQs

How to get a fixed report?

A fixed report is a myth. The game of cricket is full of uncertainty so it is wrong to ask for a fixed report.
If anyone provided in the name of a fixed report then it undermines the spirit of cricket. One can not give a fixed report openly as it is considered a criminal offense.

Can you give toss prediction?

This is the most unpredictable thing in any game. Anyone who claims giving toss prediction openly is otherwise lying or misleading.
But the team will have an edge in the selection in choosing whether to bat or bowl depending on the pitch.

Do you offer premium services?

We try to make our tips free in all matches. The paid services will be available from time to time. Keep visiting for our packages. We try to maintain our accuracy up to 90% in all leagues. Feedbacks are welcome to expand our services.

I have lost a lot of money in betting!

We truly value the money of every punter. Give us a chance to help you recover from the loss. You just have to follow us religiously during the match.

Do you provide entries and exits for every match?

In our premium services, we provide excellent entries and exits in every match. None of our punters has incurred any loss in any league

I won a lot of money on your betting tips!

Congratulations! Keep winning and keep supporting us with your kind words.

What is Khai and Lagai?

Khai is Lay and Lagai is Back. When you bet on winning on a non-favourite team this is called Khai(Lay). That means you are laying on non-favourite. And when you bet on fav team this is called Lagai(back) which means you are backing your favourite team.

Which is the best site for betting?

Betfair and bet365 are the most popular and reliable betting sites. We will soon publish an article reviewing all genuine local and international betting sites.